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BBAR Coating plano lens with factory price

3-120mm optical lens with all shapes and different materials,Plano-convex , Plano-concave, convex, concave,Positive Meniscus Lenses, Negative Meniscus lenses,Achromatic Doublets,Plano-convex Cylindrical Lenses,Plano-concave Cylindrical Lenses


Optical lenses are very important optical component for many transmission and imaging applications in the filed of aerospace, security, defense, machine vision, health care, and life science.OANDE manufacture custom optical lenses for imaging, focusing, collimation and illumination. Providing cost-effective, high quality custom precision lenses is our pursuit.



Dental imaging, dermatology, endoscopy, hyper-spectral imaging, lasers, machine vision inspection, metrology, optometry, projection, range finding, reconnaissance, surveillance, target identification, targeting and designating, thermal imaging.


Processing Capability

Dimension    D  3-120mm
R    2-∞
Center Thickness Tolerance(Δtc)                                                ±0.02mm
ΔN    ±2
AS    0.2
Size Tolerance    ±0.005mm
Eccentricity    30”




1. Professional: Over 12 years' experience of optical products manufacture and service, support both OEM and ODM. We have around 200 employees including 20 engineering technicians

2. Facilities: Advanced production equipment and sophisticated measurement instruments.

3. Effective: Sales and service team could answer your question instantly.

4. Service: Competitive price with good quality. Reasonable sample policy. Short lead time.

5. Reliable: Our factory is ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certificated.

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